let’s go fly a kite…or a buzzard…or a hawk

I envy birds. They have the superpower I would love. Flight. A hands-on experience at Millets Falconry in Oxfordshire was a lovely, heart-filling, birthday surprise. Owls, eagles, buzzards, hawks, caracaras, kestrels, falcons, kites and vultures, with a scattering of ferrets and reptiles for good measure basked in the morning sunshine.…

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RAF Red Arrows escorting the Vulcan Bomber

up, up and away…with a lot of noise

Growing up the daughter of an air traffic controller it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise I can still remember being bitten by the air show bug when I was a pre-schooler. We’d packed a lunch and sat on the frankly unsafe balcony circling Cairns Airport tower and watched them come and go on…

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Hungry jaguar at lunch time

feeling like a kid again at Chester Zoo

The inspiring story of how Chester Zoo – one of the top 15 zoos on the world – began was the subject of a lovely mini-series called Our Zoo – George Mottershead faced an uphill battle to get it started and it’s grown into an awesome site from nine acres to…

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Caterpillar Alley Cemetery

battlefields of Verdun and The Somme

I can’t claim to have made a conscious decision to visit war sites and cemeteries after my first fluke of planning, managing to visit Gallipoli on ANZAC Day, however since then I have been lucky. I say “lucky” because I have been able to visit such sites and memorials during…

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Outside the Feskekorka - Fish Market

the land of ABBA, flat pack furniture and muppet chefs

There are so many reasons I love the Internet. Without it life would be duller and insular by comparison when you know what you can achieve with the click of a website button. That’s not to say that pre-Internet life wasn’t rich, quite the reverse is true. However, without the…

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