happy birthday…

…Nan. I know you’re with me on my travels, looking down from above and close to my heart forever oxoxoxox Read More

View across Yarra Valley

how’s the serenity

Joined Kemi’s Raw Beauty Retreat at Amarant Retreat in the Yarra Valley last weekend. Billed as “…2 days and 2 nights of raw organic food, smoothies, fresh air, yoga, rainforest walks, uplifting and supportive female company, nature, sleep, exploring your dreams and taking time to ‘be’…it was simply awesome. Lucky to have some time to Read More

Speed reader required!

how does one speed-read?

I can’t take all these with me…packing light has its restrictions. How do you access guides on the road? Read More

Should have been a vampire...love looking up.


My favourite subject matter is putting on a stunning show tonight. Of course I believe it’s in honour of the fact we’re into the final 10 days of the countdown… Read More

here goes

I’ve had two quotes written in lipstick on my duchess mirror for over a year. “You have exactly ONE life in which to do everything you will ever do. ACT accordingly.” Colin Wright “It’s never too late to be the person you were meant to be.” G. Eliot The first suits my decision to leave Read More

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