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speaking of marriage…

Bec / 13/02/2013

Being an awesome tour group has its advantages. Ernesto and his family threw a house party at grandpa’s and the food, drinks, conversation, laughter, dancing and marriage proposals flowed freely. I say proposals because from my limited understanding of Creole, apparently grandpa and I are getting married in Honduras later in this trip…I really have to stop dancing with just anyone on a dance floor. After the house party we went to a nightclub…but didn’t last long – we don’t know how to dance the fast butt jiggling style of the locals. I got clung to by a local who wouldn’t leave me alone and insisted on teaching me the dance style from behind…it was a little unnerving but I felt ok with the group around. Once outside we had some street food and again I got talking to a local…though this time he was young, smiley and looked like Johnny Depp so that was alright 😉 I went home alone in the end as I should and am still shaking my head over the contrasts in the many peoples of the world.

Kate, Jason and I relished a peaceful and interesting horse ride with Santiago from Hanna Stables to Xunantunich for the following half day. We had beautiful horses and lush country side to walk through, undulating terrain, a hand driven ferry to cross the river and a rousing reception from howler monkeys. The ruins themselves were small by comparison with some of the other sites we have seen. It was so very peaceful to rest at the top of the tallest temple, watching vultures glide past and extend our vision in every direction with vivid green and blue and the muted soundtrack of life below. Back in the saddle we went up to a local restaurant for a traditional, delicious lunch with background music supplied by the local marching band practising their drumming sequences.

Horseriding is just one of Santiago’s offerings and if you’re ever in the area, check out Hanna Stables for an enjoyable time and fabulous conversation with a very interesting man. As “they” say, a man on a horse is very attractive 😉






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