Navagio Beach

this ‘Z’ is a solid ‘A’

As the autumn chill is turning the trees at home into a blaze of burning orange and red, a trip to a sunny Greek island was the perfect last hurrah before turning to months of cold hibernation ourselves. As our wedding anniversary approached, a return to Greece seemed the best…

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birds of a feather flock to Slimbridge

Through a picturesque village, over a canal, down a narrow road, surrounded by green fields and bordered by the River Severn Estuary lies Slimbridge Wetland Centre.  Founded by Sir Peter Scott, son of Captain Robert Scott, the Antarctic explorer who, in his dying letter, urged Peter’s mother to “make the…

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A fleet of gardeners were tending the bright rose blooms and perfectly trimmed lawns in readiness for the commemorations.

Ypres & Passchendaele – 100 years later

Much has been documented, displayed and condemned about the atrocities of WWI. The landscape now shows barely a scratch of its history until you encounter a cemetery or memorial, or a farmer reaps a lead harvest. Remnants consist of metal objects – guns, tanks, helmets and crops now cover the…

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the fabulous flower isle

If flowers, sunshine, fluffy clouds and patriotic cannonfire are your thing, Madeira was made for you. As far as first impressions go, my first foray into Portugal offered up marvels of engineering, a myriad of natural landscapes, mind-bogglingly steep and twisting roads and many reasons to return. Making our way from…

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The (formally) fully-working replica for the Mir Space Station.

going out of this world in la Ville Rose

Some cities get all the glory, proudly showing off a famous skyline or boasting popular landmarks constantly crawling with visitors. Then there are the quiet achievers. Destinations where the lack of celebrity lets the city’s soul seep under your skin, making them ever more endearing. Paris may be unrivalled for…

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