the fabulous flower isle

If flowers, sunshine, fluffy clouds and patriotic cannonfire are your thing, Madeira was made for you. As far as first impressions go, my first foray into Portugal offered up marvels of engineering, a myriad of natural landscapes, mind-bogglingly steep and twisting roads and many reasons to return. Making our way from the airport to our base Read More

The (formally) fully-working replica for the Mir Space Station.

going out of this world in la Ville Rose

Some cities get all the glory, proudly showing off a famous skyline or boasting popular landmarks constantly crawling with visitors. Then there are the quiet achievers. Destinations where the lack of celebrity lets the city’s soul seep under your skin, making them ever more endearing. Paris may be unrivalled for class, culture and character, but Read More

Windsor Castle gardens

pussy cat, pussy cat, where have we been?

One of my cherished childhood possessions was a wooden ruler with the English monarchy listed since William the Conqueror. While it was useless for taking precise measurements, it was perfect for sparking a lifelong interest in history and imagining how the other half lived during their reigns. It was probably not a big surprise I Read More

Now, now fellas, I'm taken already anyway! Wood sculptures line your route on the circuit around the ridge of the 1066 Battle of Hastings.

back where it all began – Bodiam, Battle and Hastings

The legend goes like this: Richard La Fort saved William the Conqueror from an arrow with his shield at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Newly crowned King William then endowed lands, a knighthood and a new name on Sir Richard: ‘Fortescue’, meaning ‘strong shield’. How could I – someone with two branches of Fortescue Read More

Feel like you're being watched? Gatekeeper on Charles Bridge Tower.

Bohemian rhapsody

Charming and full of character, Prague has weathered many rulers and ages to maintain a firm spot as one of those must-see cities on everyone’s list…including mine. History leaps out at you as stroll the old town alleyways, the eclectic architecture displaying constant contrasts between beautiful and brutal. Visiting in February allowed us to find Read More

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