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Easter in Exeter

Bec / 01/01/2016

Easter could have been spent in Riga, Latvia. But why go through the rigmarole of sourcing a visa for an Aussie when we could go to Exeter instead? The Georgian Lodge B&B housed our room up several flights of skinny terrace house stairs. Overlooking a public car park, I could…

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going back to the beginning

Bec / 17/04/2014

Transport your mind, if you will, back to January this year. If you were anywhere near me you will remember short days, cold and wet, leafless trees and regretting the New Years hangover that was still fresh enough to limit alcohol intake for the whole month. Said hangover was cultivated…

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thinking too much

Bec / 17/03/2014

I know travel changes a person. Your perspective, core values, independence, sense of purpose, confidence and passions all develop rapidly when constantly tested and re-evaluated through enduring the non-routine life on the road. Had someone told me, as I embarked on my big adventure, that I wouldn’t end up back…

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