Europe, on the road, UK

Easter in Exeter

Bec / 01/01/2016

Easter could have been spent in Riga, Latvia. But why go through the rigmarole of sourcing a visa for an Aussie when we could go to Exeter instead? The Georgian Lodge B&B housed our room up several flights of skinny terrace house stairs. Overlooking a public car park, I could…

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on the road, Peru, South America

“enjoying” the journey

Bec / 03/06/2013

You know the good thing about sitting in a variety of buses alllllll day? I can catch up on my blog during those hours we’re not racing another bus around Andean hairpin turns and I’m not one-sharp-swerve-to-avoid-oncoming-traffic away from careening onto the floor. No wonder seat belts are compulsory in…

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