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we called him Bertie

Bec / 17/05/2013

Our final day on Isla Isabella started with a kayak trip around the bay and marina area. Marie and Karin were the ceremonial dunking sacrifices, Marie even went the extra mile and fell in twice.

The water was brilliantly clear, that gorgeous aqua colour favoured by tourism brochures targeted at honeymooners. Antje was able to join us which was a bonus too. We paddled with penguins, dive-bombing pelicans and blue footed boobies chasing fish and sea lions, one of which didn’t make many attempts to keep his distance. JP called him Bertie. As JP, Paul and I made up ground with the rest of the group when we fell behind taking photos, Bertie played in our feeble kayak wake, dipping and diving across the front and under us. Keeping an eye on us I felt, and also keen for a race to show us he’ll always be faster in the waterworld. I maintain my comparison that sea lions are the water version of playful puppies, with the curiosity of a cat. Such amazing experiences with nature are always special for me.

Docking the kayaks we used our free time to swim at the beach, visit the penguins again and watch as they fished between us through a school of tiny blue fish. The boobies and pelicans fished closer and closer to us and we rebelled in the refreshing water. Back on land we couldn’t miss the Kodak moment laying on a banana lounge next to a sea lion, also laying on a banana lounge. Maybe he didn’t want to get his flippers sandy. He did look the part.

It was sad leaving Isla Isabella behind. We met Pablo’s family – wife Lauren from the UK and their adorable, blonde haired son, Kian. I asked Pablo what was Kian’s favourite animal since he was growing up with a dad like Pablo. Horses. Kian’s favourite animal is the horse. Of course of course.












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