Outside the Feskekorka - Fish Market

the land of ABBA, flat pack furniture and muppet chefs

There are so many reasons I love the Internet. Without it life would be duller and insular by comparison when you know what you can achieve with the click of a website button. That’s not to say that pre-Internet life wasn’t rich, quite the reverse is true. However, without the likes of Google delivering gems Read More

Land's End

going to the end of the land for the end of the year

While a road trip to the end of the land in the UK is probably foolish considering the cold winter weather, it does mean less caravans chocking the even-narrower-than-regular-skinny-English-roads, which is admittedly worth carrying a heavy jacket and umbrella every time we stepped out of the car and plastered our faces with gritted smiles braced Read More

Thanks for the tip

land Down Under

Before I embarked on this experiment to transplant my life as I knew it to the UK, Julie came to see my home, meet my friends and family and learn what and who had helped to shape the course of my life thus far. It may have also been a ploy to visit a country Read More

Juice bar No. 45 and our new friends.

rocking the Kasbah in Marrakech

You know how it feels to experience something completely new? Something so far removed from your normal life, so different from your ideas and concepts, so unexpected that you give up trying to anticipate what’s coming and instead just let it all go? That was Marrakech for me. It looked like a shaky start when Read More

Coastline of the Makarska Riviera

taking the crystal waters of Croatia

Croatia was a country we’d both wanted to visit since we don’t know much about it. Our visit served to show us we were right about our ignorance and barely satisfied our instant taste for the glorious sunshine, stunning beaches, cheap beer, great pizzas and interesting history and architecture. We hired a car and headed Read More

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